Shakespeare’s Children

A documentary film by Kate Kline May

Directed by Oscar-winning documentarians Allie Light & Irving Saraf

Poetry read by Kevin Kline

Filmmaker Kate Kline May began teaching drama as a volunteer in her own children's ethnically diverse public elementary school in 1991. Working with fourth through sixth graders and their teachers, May created a unique in-class performing arts program. The program attracted national attention, gaining continued funding and more than 1,000 students in four years.

“…we are drawn into the fascinating world of elementary school children. Recommended for everyone.”

Sharyn Betz, Oakland Tribune

This documentary captures scenes from 10 weeks in two classes of the Shakespeare Project at Malcolm X Public School in Berkeley during preparation for a performance of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Diverse in age and ethnic background and coming in many cases from troubled homes and neighborhoods, the student performers put aside their differences and problems, finding their own lives reflected in Shakespeare’s timeless themes.



National Educational Film Festival Gold Apple Award
Denver International Film Festival honoree
Film Arts Foundation Film Festival honoree
Featured at Taos Film Festival
Featured at Santa Barbara Film Festival
Featured at Northwest Film Center
Featured at Hong Kong Drama Film Festival
Featured in Lewis Carroll BBC Series

Shakespeare’s Children

"Shakespeare's Children" received the Gold Apple Award and was screened in numerous film festivals. The video is included in many major university collections and the permanent collection of Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, California.

Shakespeare’s Children
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“Who could resist?”
Renata Polt, Berkeley Voice

“…a genuine charmer!”
Box Office Reviews

“…well-nigh irresistible!”
Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“Engaging, deeply and deeply moving.”
Melissa Levine, Riverfront Times